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Fiber Communications Inc provides its clients with discounted voice, and internet services. Whether you need a T1 line, or a simple dial up solution we have the rates you are looking for. Our merchants have long established relationships with many major voice, and internet providers. We can offer our clients discounts they won't find anywhere else. Below is a list of the services we can provide our clients at a discounted rate.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – A connection to the internet that is highly reliable, and predictable. DIA is designed for important applications that require high performance, and bandwidth. A dedicated connection gives you access to providers equipment on a line that is not shared with other clients, businesses or residential lines. DIA lines provide the strength your company needs to run Virtual Private Networks, Web hosting, and intensive media activities such as streaming video, or audio.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) – MPLS is a technology ideal for global companies looking to launch new services like VoIP. Unlike Frame Relay, which is setup in a hub and spoke configuration, MPLS allows linking locations together. Voice and data packets can be routed directly between locations, reducing time, and improving call quality.

Frame Relay - Frame Relay is a protocol standard for LAN internetworking which provides a fast and efficient method of transmitting information from a user device to LAN bridges and routers. Frame relay’s protocol has the advantage of saving bandwidth by only consuming it during a data transfer. It also saves time by disregarding erroneous frames in the error processing handling. These two factors make Frame Relay a desirable choice for data transmission; however, they also necessitate testing to determine that the system works properly and that data is not lost.

Wave Length Wireless – The ideal solution for apartment buildings, and other large dwellings. Wave Length Wireless is a high speed, reliable wireless internet connection at a relatively low cost.

Dark Fiber- Hundreds of miles of unused fiber optic cables running around your cities. The unused portion is known as dark fiber. When telecommunications companies first started building fiber optic networks they laid much more cable then they needed. Today they are selling off the unused cable to colleges, and other major institutes wishing to create large networks of a few thousand people or more.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – DSL is a low cost internet connection that runs through the current phone system. It’s a cheap internet solution that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. It also allows you to be on the internet, and telephone at the same time as they run on different signals. DSL is good for small offices that don’t have a large amount of bandwidth requirement.

Voice Over Ip (VoIP) – Voice Over Ip is a great solution for businesses wishing to save money on telecom costs, as well as adding new features to their phone system. There are different features that appeal to all sized businesses. Small business owners may want to have several lines. Medium sized businesses may benefit from call menus and voicemail trees. Large Enterprise systems can virtually customize this service in any way they like.

Web hosting – If you need a place store the files for your company’s website we can get you a great deal at a reliable host. We have pre existing contract in place with some of the internets largest providers.

Video – Video conferencing can save your company money. If you need to have frequent meetings across the country without flying this is a great option for you. We have vendors in place that can assist you with the setup, and the carriers to install the data lines you’ll need.