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Fiber Communications Inc is a network and telecommunications consulting company founded in 2003 by Tiffany Giroux. Our company has quickly grown into a recognized leader for providing businesses with affordable customized network and telecommunications solutions. We are equipped to help businesses of any size save money on their all of their network, Internet, cloud and voice services. It does not matter if you already have existing service, or if you’re in the market for a new carrier. We have already made the negations with our carriers to provide your company with cost-effective, reliable internet, network services, network security, hosting, cloud connectivity and voice services.

Saving Our Clients Money

Fiber Communications Inc can offer cheaper business class internet, and telephone solutions because we partner with a wide variety of providers, and carriers. We routinely save our clients between 15% -30% off their telecom / data expenses. We have negotiated deals in place with over 40 Internet, cloud, SIP and network service providers. This plus our years of experience help us deliver a wide variety of services to our clients.

Network Solutions

Fiber Communications Inc is a “network neutral”, company that is free of restrictions on content, sites, platforms, equipment, and any mode of communications. This helps us align our goals with the business we are working with. We can offer solutions, and recommendations based on the client’s goal. This can be anything from a simple coax line, to a more sophisticated SD-WAN environment to a complicated cloud application.

No Fee’s for our Services

As independent brokers, Fiber Inc. is in a special position to offer you telecommunication services without a fee attached. We are compensated directly from the telecommunications carrier you choose. This does not result in higher prices for you, as we are simply an alternate sales channel for the carriers. They give us the best prices they can offer, and we offer them the chance to do business with our clients. This gives us access to all of their best pricing, terms, and conditions. In addition, any promotions they may be offering publicly are also available through Fiber Inc. So you'll never miss out on a special carrier promotion by using our company.

Consulting Services

Telecom projects, whether they are consolidation programs or RFP management, can increase your efficiency when executed properly. Fiber Inc can take over a single task or an entire project to assist you. Our most popular service is Billing Audits. It has been our experience that over 95 percent of customers are frequently billed incorrectly in the carriers favor. We setup a complete auditing process that corrects billing errors and automatically credits your account. Again, you will pay absolutely nothing unless we collect on your behalf.